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Fortress Russia: Conspiracy Theories in the Po, Yablokov Ilya
The Power of a Positive Team, Gordon Jon

Allegations of Russian conspiracies meddling in the affairs of Western countries have been a persistent feature of Western politics since the Cold War ... więcej

Worldwide bestseller — the author of The Energy Bus and The Power of Positive Leadership shares the proven principles and practices that build great ... więcej

Should We Colonize Other Planets?, Morton Adam
Entrepreneur, Tvede Lars, Faurholt Mads

As humans continue to degrade and destroy our planet’s resources, leading to predictions of total ecological collapse, some (such as the entrepreneur ... więcej

Entrepreneur: Building Your Business From Start to Success is your guidebook to achieving entrepreneurial success. Whether you’re an existing business ... więcej

The Unrules, Tulchinsky Igor
The Jungle, Agier Michel

The UnRules presents the dynamic rules for success in the age of exponential information. Written by Igor Tulchinsky, the trader behind global quantitative ... więcej

For nearly two decades, the area surrounding the French port of Calais has been a temporary staging post for thousands of migrants and refugees hoping ... więcej

The Soviet Union A Short History, Edele Mark
Microsoft Outlook 2019 For Dummies, Wempen Faithe, Dyszel Bill

An acclaimed historian explores the dynamic history of the twentieth century Soviet Union In ten concise and compelling chapters, The Soviet Union covers ... więcej

Get up to speed with the world’s best email application — Outlook 2019 Of the millions of people who use Outlook, most only use about two ... więcej

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains, DuPont Quinn
Office 2019 For Dummies,
Office 2019 For Dummies
110,80 zł 99,70 zł

From their shadowy origins in Bitcoin to their use by multinational corporations, cryptocurrencies and blockchains are remaking the rules of digital media ... więcej

Microsoft Office 2019 comes jam-packed with features. See shortcuts and tips for using the keyboard, mouse, and ribbon to get fast access to the most commonly ... więcej

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