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The way in the front, Feng Ping
The way in the front
23,20 zł 22,00 zł

It is a great pleasure to recommend to a Polish reader the literary debut of the Chinese student of the University of Warsaw (who studies International Relations). From the very first lectures which I held for the students of her year, Ms Feng Ping stood out as person showing keen interest in Poland and ready to discover the links which bring the Chinese and Poles closer together. I was also impressed with her vivid imagination and the ease with which she was unfolding various fictitious threads which she created based on real life. I do hope that the literary ... więcej

La visione poliprospettica del viaggio in cerca delle identita perdute,

Si tratta di una interessante rassegna letteraria, storica ed antropologica sul destino umano e sul viaggio che diventa una specie di metafora della vita stessa.Cosi, attraverso il motivo del perenne cammino, nella parabola ambulante del viaggio/dei viaggi di allora e di oggi, si scoprono diverse varianti dell’identita dell’uomo scandite nei vari articoli degli autori del saggio intitolato: La visione poliprospettica del viaggio in cerca delle identita perdute.Gli studiosi, sia italiani che stranieri, con le loro metodiche scientifiche basate ... więcej

Creativity Support Systems. SE 88,

In the recent years companies have been faced with a growing need to focus more of their attention on creativity and innovation in order to keep up with increased global competition. Organizational creativity and innovation are enhanced through the introduction of computer support systems. This book is dedicated to exploring issues related to supporting creativity and innovation with information technology, and contains 16 articles selected for delivery at the first international session of the CSS in the 26th Conference on Organizational Support Systems. ... więcej

Bringing landscape home in the writings of Jane Urquhart,

The powerful presence behind this book is, of course, Jane Urquhart herself, and it is to her that the book is dedicated with our thanks and compliments. We all appreciated her being with us, her patience with our papers, her responses to our questions, and her unforgettably elegant speech and warmth, which made the conference room sparkle with wit and inspiration. The articles collected in this book were submitted not only by Canadianists, but also by scholars able to mediate between their own literary interests and Jane Urquhart's oeuvre. Individuals ... więcej

The Jewish Community: Authority and Social Control in Poznan and Swarzedz 1650-1793, Anna Michałowska-Mycielska

Książka - napisana przede wszystkim na podstawie źródeł żydowskich, przeważnie w języku hebrajskim - stanowi cenny wkład w badania nad dziejami Żydów w Polsce. Na przykładzie gmin w Poznaniu i Swarzędzu pokazuje mechanizmy funkcjonowania i politykę władz gminy żydowskiej w epoce nowożytnej w okresie między zakończeniem wojen szwedzkich a schyłkiem Rzeczypospolitej. Szczegółowy opis oraz analiza struktury władz gminnych, sposobu ich wyłaniania ... więcej

Enterprise in Highly Competitive Environment,

The years 2008-2009 have been considered as the most difficult ones for most companies for many decades. The global financial crisis has influenced all economic players: multinational corporations such as the former biggest car producer General Motors, companies operating on the national markets, as well as small family enterprises or single entrepreneurs. As a result every manager or entrepreneur not only has had to take into consideration typical high competitive pressure of global economy but also has been forced to implement some remedies and adjustments ... więcej

Rosso, giallo, blu. Un'analisi etnolinguistica sui colori primari in italiano e in polacco in prospettiva sincronica e diacronica, Sylwia Skuza

La presente pubblicayione offre unąanalisi globale del complesso, nonché problematico, funzionamento dei tre colori primari – il rosso, il giallo, il blu e le loro sfumature – in italiano e in polacco seconda una prospettiva comparativa. Grazie alla sua natura interdisciplinare, il libro si rivolge a un pubblico ampio e diversificato: linguisti, traduttori, etnografi, folcloristi e teorici della cultura.

Spectres of men. Masculinity, Crisis and British Literature, Katarzyna Więckowska

"Spectres of Men: Masculinity, Crisis and British Literature" offers an analysis of the various ways in which hegemonic masculinity has been constructed, contested, and preserved in selected works of British literature from the Middle Ages to the early twenty-first century. The dominant image of manhood that prevails at a given time is examined on the basis of male-authored fiction and a selection of political, philosophical, social, and critical writings by men. By focusing on works by and about men, this book traces the changing connections between masculinity ... więcej

147 gates, Anna Erenc
147 gates
19,70 zł 18,70 zł

147 thoughts put into words. Motivating, uplifting, reflective and full of inspiration – the gates that open new hopes. The cure for the "evil" of this world.

Conflicting discourses, competing memories: Commemorating The First World War,

The 2014 centenary of the outbreak of World War One has resulted in a noticeable increase in the number of publications devoted to this conflict. A question thus arises what makes Conflicting discourses, competing memories: Commemorating The First World War stand out among similar volumes. Indeed, it is the cinematic scope that distinguishes it, as the collected articles comprise a wide spectrum of research, including prose, poetry and film as well as painting dedicated to the Great War. Simultaneously, the book propose an interesting trans-historical purview ... więcej

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